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Mobile Green Auto Spa, was founded by Violet Jackson, mother of 4, grandma of 6, pet owner of 8 Zebra Finches and 1 Toy Poodle.  Her passion for auto detailing, began the 1st day she drove her 2016 Toyota Corolla off the dealership’s lot.  Before ownership, the vehicle was registered as a “Hail Damaged” car.  The dealer promised to have the vehicle cleaned and remove the mildew odor, but failed in his promise, prompting Violet to try several, store bought, remedies that all failed.

After an exhaustive search on the internet, she realized that the only way to make her car livable was to take drastic measures. Violet removed the back seat, the carpet and then doused the rear seat, carpet and metal flooring with white vinegar and preceded to detail the entire interior of her car using a rented carpet cleaner.

Violet enjoyed seeing the before after so much that she took over detailing her spouse’s car. What thrilled Violet were the results she achieved, and an idea began. “Love Your Car Again,” was the first name of her business.

Violet has since made a living out of researching the auto detailing industry. For example, learning the correct way to wash the exterior of a car, there are 8 to 10 steps, depending on whether you are including decontamination with a clay bar. She also has learned the proper way to remove stains from leather and how to condition leather, as well as, conditioning vinyl and plastic.

After volunteering her time at her mentor’s business, in St, Paul, MN, she noticed the numerous toxic chemicals that the workers were exposed to every day, and Violet decided on a mobile detailing business that utilizes steam, plant-based and biodegradable cleaners. Violet decided to “Go Green and Go Clean.” and changed the name to “Mobile Green Auto Spa, LLC.”

To be the best Eco-Friendly Mobile Auto Detailer in Minnesota.  Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, and handiwork to our clients and always leaving them with a smile and being kind to the environment by utilizing steam and biodegradable products to clean vehicles.

To give customers the most memorable auto detailing experience possible.




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Plant-based and biodegradable cleaners mean it’s safer for all.

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Fewer toxic chemicals end up in landfills, soil, and drinking water for animals.

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Safer for your kids, and pets.

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Steam kills 99% of germs and bacteria.